Everything changes and so, too, does Scaleworld.  It was originally conceived...and functioned for several years as a standalone segment of Internet Modeler...as strictly a review column for new releases of kits, books and related supplies.  When Scaleworld transitioned from Internet Modeler to it's own website, that was still its intended purpose.  But economics reared its ugly head.

The life blood of any review column...or magazine, website, etc...is the receipt of product samples.  No samples, no column.  It's as simple as that.  Today, due to the cost of kits,  manufacturers are being very selective as to who they provide review samples to and you certainly can't blame them.   So, that said, here's what Scaleworld will become:

A review site for any and all new products that manufacturers choose to submit.  As I have done for the last 50 years, all submisisions will be given a fair shake but no whitewash.  Review samples may be submitted to Scaleworld, 416 Chicago, Fort Worth, Texas 76103, USA.

Beyond that, it will serve as an umbrella site for all of my other activities.  This will include my Modelbuilding Services,  Scale Publications websites.  There will also be plenty of room for your participation, including model galleries where photos of your masterpieces can be featured.  Rather than make this introduction any longer than it already is, I invite you to explore Scaleworld by clicking on the navigation images that you see below.  Keep in mind that only some of the links are live at this time and even those may change as I refine the site design.  Changing to the improved Squarespace 7 platform has required a complete redesign of the Scaleworld website.

I would ask you to please bear with me and keep checking back because none of the changes will happen overnight and some will take months.  You can reach me any time through this email link and I look forward to hearing from you, especially if you have suggestions about this website design.